What’s Inside Bran Castle

Located on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia in Romania, Bran Castle is a majestic castle.

There are about 57 rooms inside Bran Castle, including King Ferdinand’s quarters, a torture museum, a suite of Queen Marie, and a well-maintained courtyard. 

Queen Marie’s residence contains a bedroom, bathroom, dining area, hall, dressing room, and two salons. 

The castle also has a hidden passageway connecting the first and third floors. 

The castle’s rich architectural details make it a fascinating historical and cultural visit. 


The Rooms

Bran Castle has 57 rooms steeped in history, with King Ferdinand’s chambers being among the best maintained. 

Ornate furniture and beautiful views of the village below can be appreciated in King Ferdinand’s suite.

The expansive rooms are adorned with detailed hand-carved fixtures on the walls and ceilings. 

Additionally, one of the castle’s rooms houses a torture museum displaying a collection of unsettling artifacts

bran castle rooms

The Donjon

Bran Castle’s Gothic architecture is sensational, blending wood and stone in its massive structure. 

Among its remarkable features is the well-preserved round tower, the Donjon. 

Regrettably, the original tower fell victim to lightning, completely destroying it. 

The present design of the round tower dates back to 1593.

bran castle donjon

A Hidden Passage

Inside the castle’s 57 rooms, there’s a special secret passage made of stone. 

It’s so thin that only one person can go through it at a time. 

This secret passage connects the first and third floors, but it’s not a secret anymore. 

They found it in the 1920s when Queen Marie was fixing up the castle. 

It was cleverly hidden behind an old fireplace.

bran castle secret passage

The Old Well

In the Bran Castle courtyard, you’ll see the top of an ancient water well, although there’s no well there anymore. 

But this well has a fascinating history. When the castle was constructed in the 14th century, a deep well was drilled that went down 60 feet through solid rock. 

A hidden room is carved into the rock just above the water’s surface. This secret chamber was used to stash the castle’s treasures in case of an invasion.

In 1920, Queen Marie expanded the secret room in Bran Castle, adding a 30-foot horizontal tunnel leading to the cliff’s base. 

An elevator was later installed inside the well, providing easy access to the park without the need for stairs. 

In 2018, a new elevator was added, offering visitors a modern way to explore the castle’s history.

bran castle old well

Queen Marie’s Final Resting Place

Queen Marie, who passed away in 1938, had a unique request before her death. 

She asked that her heart be buried in a chapel near the Black Sea in Balchik, a beloved summer retreat for her family. 

Her heart was temporarily placed at Bran Castle before returning to Bulgaria in 1940. 

Today, you can visit the resting place of Queen Marie’s heart on the castle’s southwest side, near a small brook at the edge of the woods.


Can you go inside Bran Castle?

An entry ticket is required to visit Bran Castle.

An admission ticket costs €18 for adults, children aged 7 to 17 pay €6, and seniors (65+) pay €16. 

There are also special rates for Halloween night tours and parties.

Guided tours are available in multiple languages and offer fast entry for €30 for adults 18 and above.  

What’s inside Bran Castle?

You can explore the castle’s courtyard and rooms, including King Ferdinand’s best-maintained room.

These simple and aesthetic rooms contain many original furnishings from the castle’s construction period.

What is the secret room in Bran Castle?

Bran Castle’s secret passageway connects the first and third floors.

It was discovered in the 1920s at the time of renovation. Cleverly concealed behind an old fireplace, this narrow corridor allows only one person to pass at a time. 

Initially, it led to a secret room used to safeguard treasures during invasions, later extended by Queen Marie to reach the cliff’s base below the castle.

Featured Image: Bran-castle.com

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