How to Get to Bran Castle 2024

Bran Castle, in the center of Romania, is a stunning hilltop castle surrounded by a beautiful mountain range. 

It is around 99 miles (160 km) from Bucharest and surrounds Piatra Craiului and Bucegi Mountains.

When traveling via National Route 73, which departs Brasov at its western end and passes through the Bartolomeu area, you can reach Bran in less than 19 miles (30 km). Bucharest is less than 124 miles (200 km) away.

Most visitors to Bran Castle must first arrive in Brasov or travel there in one day from Bucharest. 

The best way to reach Bran Castle, Romania, is through public transportation.

Bran Castle Address: Str. General Traian Mosoiu, nr. 24, 507025 Bran – Romania, Brasov

Distance From Brasov to Bran Castle: Approximately 28 kilometers (17 miles)

Distance From Bucharest to Bran Castle: It takes approximately 2h 22m to get from Bucharest to Bran

Bran Castle Hours: 09 am to 06 pm

Bran Castle Ticket Price: €8

Best time to visit Bran Castle(preferred time): 09:30 am – 05:00 pm

Time required to visit Bran Castle: 1hr


How to get from Brasov to Bran Castle 

Bran Castle is about 19 miles (30 km) from Brasov. 

It is the nearest central town to Bran Castle and is an ideal hub for exploring Transylvania’s highlights. 

You can easily reach Brasov from Bucharest, Romania’s capital, via a 2.5-hour train or bus ride.

Brasov to Bran Castle by public transport is easy, quick, and, most importantly, CHEAP! 

Brasov offers a convenient starting point for your Transylvanian adventure.

Brasov to Bran Castle By Bus  (Cheapest)

Getting to Bran Castle from Brasov is easy and cheap!

  • Travel to AutoGara 2 Bus Station on the outskirts of the town. 
  • On weekdays, a bus to Bran departs every 30 minutes at Bus Terminal No. 2 at Brasov, and over the weekends, the bus leaves every hour.  
  • The journey time is around 45 minutes, a ticket costs $3, and you can buy tickets directly from the bus driver.
  • The route follows a new highway, but the mountainous scenery is impressive.
  • Although it is a little out of the way, it can be made more accessible by catching bus number 5 from Brasov’s Central Bus Station.
Duration45 minutes
Price€3 ($3)

Brasov to Bran Castle By Car

  • From Brasov, take DN73/E574 northwest to Rasnov.
  • Continue straight to Bran; the Castle will be on your left.

Find the location here.

Duration35 minutes
Distance19 miles (30km) 

Parking must be a concern if you plan to visit Bran Castle by car.

Don’t worry; there are convenient parking options near the castle to ensure a hassle-free experience during your exploration.

Check out Parking near Bran Castle for a complete guide.

Brasov to Bran Castle By Train

  • Every hour a train departs for Brasov from the Bucharest North Railway Station. Either the Regional line or the Intercity (CFR) line are options.
  • It’s important to note that train access is only available up to Brasov.
  • Visitors from Brasov can continue their journey to Bran Castle by taking a taxi or bus. 
  • Both options are available and can transport you from Brasov to the enchanting Bran Castle, allowing you to explore this iconic Transylvanian landmark.
DurationApprox 3 hrs 25 min
PriceApprox €7 ($8)

Brasov to Bran Castle By Taxi or Uber (Quickest)

How to Reach Bran Castle Romania by Taxi
Image: Viator.com
  • If you prefer a more comfortable ride without the constraints of a public bus, you can take a taxi to Bran Castle. 
  • Remember that convenience comes at a higher price than an affordable bus ride. 
  • The distance from Brasov to Bran Castle is about 30 km, so the taxi fare shouldn’t be too expensive. 
  • Ensure you get an English-speaking driver to discuss the right fares. 
  • It should cost about €80 ($86) from Bucharest and €17 ($18) to €20 ($21) from Brasov to Bran Castle. 
Durationapprox 30 minutes
PriceApprox €17 to €19 ($18 to $21)

For a stress-free and convenient experience, book an organized tour to Bran Castle, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your holiday without the hassle of planning and logistics.

How to Get From Bucharest to Bran Castle 

If you plan to visit Bran Castle from Bucharest, there are a few ways to reach this iconic destination. 

One option is to take a guided tour, where transportation allows you to sit back and enjoy the journey. 

Alternatively, you can drive yourself, take the DN1 road northbound or rent a car.

Public transportation is also available, with regular trains departing from Bucharest’s Gara de Nord to Brasov, followed by a bus or taxi ride to Bran. 

The enchanting Bran Castle awaits whichever method you choose, ready to immerse you in its rich history and eerie legends.  

Bucharest Bran Castle By Car From The Airport

  • From the Henri Coanda Airport, take DN1/E60 north. After passing Ploiesti, keep going for 22 miles (36 km) and take the second exit at the roundabout to stay on DN1/E60.
  • Continue on DN1/E60 for another 53 miles (85 km).
  • Turn left onto Strada Valea Rasnoavei/DN73A and continue straight for about 12 miles (20 km).
  • Take the DN73/E574 road at the next roundabout and stay on it for around six miles (10 km) until you reach Bran Castle.
  • Alternatively, you can also take the DN72A route from the airport, but please note that this route takes longer, exceeding three hours.
Duration4.5 hrs
DistanceAround 99 miles (160 km) 

From Bucharest to Bran Castle By Taxi

  • It is around 97.24 miles (156.5 km) from Bucharest to Bran Castle.
  • You can find the taxi stand at Otopeni – Bucharest Airport directly in front of international arrivals.
Duration2h 31m
PriceAround €80 ($86)

Bucharest to Bran Castle By Train

  • To reach Bran Castle from Bucharest by train, purchase a ticket at Gara de Nord, the central railway station in Bucharest. 
  • Board the train heading to Brasov, checking the schedule for departure times. 
  • After arriving in Brasov, you can take a taxi or bus to Bran Castle. 
  • Remember that taxis can be expensive due to the distance of approximately 30km and the increasing demand. 
  • Alternatively, buses provide a more affordable transportation option to reach the castle.
Duration3.5 hours
PriceApprox $11

Before your visit, make sure to check the timings of Bran Castle to ensure a seamless experience without any inconvenience or unexpected closures.

Book a guided tour

The easiest and most convenient way to reach Bran Castle is by taking an organized tour from Bucharest.

Leave the hassle of transportation and managing to professionals, skip the long lines, and fully enjoy the tour.

You can also visit well-known Transylvania sights like Rasnov Citadel, Peles Castle, and Brasov.

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Where is Bran Castle located?

Bran Castle location: Str. General Traian Mosoiu, 
                                       nr. 24, Bran 507025, Romania

Bran Castle is in the village of Bran, which is in the Brasov County of Romania. 

It sits in the picturesque region of Transylvania, nestled at the southern edge of the Carpathian Mountains. 

The castle is approximately 19 miles (30 km) southwest of Brasov.

How do I get from Brasov train station to Bran Castle?

You can take a bus or taxi from Brasov train station to Bran Castle. 

Buses operate regularly between Brasov and Bran, providing a convenient transportation option.

How to get to Bran Castle from Brasov?

From Brasov, reach Bran Castle by taking a bus from AutoGara 2 Bus Station. 

Buses leave every 30 minutes on weekdays and hourly on weekends, with a 45-minute journey. Tickets cost €3 ($3). 

Alternatively, drive for 35 minutes, or take a taxi for around  €17 to €19 ($18-$21). Train options are available from Bucharest to Brasov.

How to get to Bran Castle from Bucharest?

To visit Bran Castle from Bucharest, consider a guided tour for a hassle-free experience. 

Alternatively, rent a car and drive north on DN1/E60 or take a train from Gara de Nord to Brasov, followed by a bus or taxi to Bran. 

Taxis cost around €80 ($86), and trains take approximately 3.5 hours.

Is there a train from Brasov to Bran Castle?

There is no direct train connection from Brasov to Bran Castle. 

To reach Bran Castle from Brasov, taking a bus or taxi or joining a guided tour is a more convenient way to get to Bran Castle. 

Distance from Brasov to Bran Castle?

The distance between Brasov and Bran Castle is approximately 18.6 miles (30 km), making it a relatively short journey.

You can get to Bran Castle by car, taxi, or bus in around 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen mode of transportation.

You can take a bus the easiest and cheapest way to reach in just €3 ($3).

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