Bran Castle Time tunnel

The only elevator that climbs into history and descends into the future”

The Time Tunnel, Bran Castle’s child, transforms into a means of escape to a fantastic world through a distinctive multimedia showing Europe.

This elevator exhibits an interactive multimedia presentation about the culture and history of Bran Castle.

It offers the 31.5-meter ride between the two stations, which is the country’s longest officially permitted to ride.

Along with smoke detectors, the elevator has sensors for temperature, humidity, gas, and seismic detection.

The first eight meters of the Vertical Gallery of the Time Tunnel will showcase the original rock tiles used to cover the elevator shaft walls during its construction in 1937.

This section of the elevator shaft was even listed as a historical landmark.

In the horizontal gallery of the time tunnel, the first six meters of the fortress’s ancient tunnel are made of the tunnel’s original stone.

It also includes a multimedia exhibition with various complex technologies, power drives, computer servers, electronic control, automation systems, and platforms, displaying significant pictures that tell the history of Bran Castle.

The nearly one-minute descent down the elevator is a must-try, complete with fire-breathing dragons, exquisite ghosts, and dancing otherworldly maidens.

Featured Image: Behance.net

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